Now that you all have been following my blog for some time now I hope that you are all connecting to the fact that I associate myself with the Gamma Phi Beta community. The people and experiences in the past year have made my college experience thus far so much more than it could have every been without this organization. If you asked me three years ago if I could ever see myself being in a sorority I would say “no no no” but now that I’ve experienced it first hand I know that Gamma Phi was the BEST decision I could have made. Its brought me out of my comfort zone, challenged me, and taught me new things every week. This is a place where I truly found my niche, a place I could be the real Madison without feeling judged in any sort of way. The ladies of this chapter are some of the most humbling, down to earth, and genuine people I have ever met and only hope to hold myself to such high standards as they do. According to the Aggie Gamma Phi Beta website our vision as a chapter is to ”build confident women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us” and I’m nothing but proud to associate myself with this type of organization. Its something I feel everyone should experience at least once in their lives because a lasting impact will be made on you as a person. 

Here is a great woman to describe her Gamma Phi Beta experience. Meet Stacy Hudman, our senior Vice-President of Personal Relations. She is not only a great friend but only my grand big! I decided to ask her a few short questions about her past four years as a member and thought that a first hand account would help you all understand Greek life a little better…

Why did you choose to join a sorority? I’m from Giddings which if you know where that is you know its super small. I graduated with about 130 and none of my close friends decided to come to Texas A&M. All throughout high school I was on sports teams and in clubs and was so used to being in that close knit group that I knew I wanted to carry that on over to college. Knowing that none of my friends would be here and I would lose that security I felt I home joining a sorority seemed like a really great opportunity to get what I was missing.

Did you have any misconceptions about sororities before you joined one? Yes. You always see movies and hear people talking about how crazy sororities are. The common misconception is that it’s a group of blond party girls who just like to go out and not care about school. Their parents buy them everything they could ever want and don’t care about anything else. Now that im in a sorority I know that basically all of these things are false. We actually have a lot of strict rules to live by and if we violate any of them such as having a drop alcohol of in our sorority house could lead to our charter being taken away.

How old were you when you joined? I was a freshman.

What drew you to Gamma Phi Beta? What I have always loved about Gamma Phi is how down to earth and real the girls are. I never feel like I can’t be myself or act a certain way around the girls because I know that I’ll always be accepted for being me. When visiting other houses I didn’t feel this way, it made me uncomfortable and know that I couldn’t see myself as one of them but at Gamma Phi I could.

What is one word you use to describe Gamma Phi Beta? Genuine

What is your favorite part about Gamma Phi Beta? Definitely how close everyone is. Even though this is my senior year I actually live in our sorority house because I’m on our executive board. There is literally always something going on here whether it’s going out to eat or just having some to study with. After only being here for about two months I’m already so much more close to girls than when I arrived and its what I love. Not only am I close to these girls but also it’s the same with everyone else! I know everyone’s name and could tell you something hilarious about each and everyone, its what I’m going to miss most when I graduate.

Describe sisterhood? I would say that sisterhood is always being there for those around you, it’s whom you would drop everything for and answer their call whatever it may be. It’s always giving a sister someone to talk to when things are getting rough or even helping her study for a test, someone you can always be there for.

Finally, what is your favorite memory about Gamma Phi Beta? I would have to say recruitment. There’s something about being stuck in a house for twelve hours a day for a whole week that creates some 

Founded upon a rock,

- Madison Seidel

Crescent Classic

Its that time of the year ladies and gents. Its the day of crescent classic, Gamma Phi Beta’s huge philanthropy event. Whats better than a night full of BBQ, country music, friends, and good conversations? Nothing. 

My chapter continually strives to work for three different organizations: Girls on the Run, Camp For All, and Camp Fire USA. Crescent classic is here to raise money and bring awareness to each of these groups and thats exactly what we do. Last year we actually raised around $33,000!! When you hear about sororities often people never associate philanthropy as a huge part of our minds but indeed it is. Becoming a philanthropic and caring woman is one of the most sought after characteristics wanted in a Gamma Phi to be. Its shows that you not only have a kind heart but are dedicated to your community and others around you. I feel as though countless numbers of community service have been done on my part stretching from picking up trash on the street to helping children with disabilities ride a horse. In my mind its one of the most humbling things I find myself doing. 

This picture here are the ladies I support philanthropy with. They are my “family” here at Gamma Phi Beta. This picture was taken at last years Crescent Classic where we worked together in order to make girl’s lives better and we continue to work together almost every day. 

If your not busy on Friday October 18 from 6-10pm feel free to stop by the Gamma Phi Beta house and have not only a great night of fun but support some GREAT causes!


Sista Sista!

Now lets hear a little about sisterhood!

Being a sister means fully opening yourself up to someone, someone who there are endless boundaries to your friendship. Sorority is the epitome of sisterhood, there are never short girls who you can talk about school, life, personal issues, etc. This is a reason why I love being a member of this organization. I know that I can always truly be myself no matter the situation and will always have a person who can life me up when the time is needed. Its never a question whether I can be the real Madison because this is a place where I can do just that and feel no judgement. 

According Of Love & Roses these are just some of the characteristics of sisterhood:

  • Being there to encourage one another through good times 
  • Knowing that there will always be someone around whom you can talk to or share your stories with, no matter what
  • Sharing dreams & achieving goals together
  • Counting on others & being counted on to make a difference

I liken these characteristics to the aggie saying, "From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it." When you are not a member of Greek life many say that you are "paying for friends" or joined just to party but it is nothing but. Once you become a member of this kind of organization you truly understand the sisterhood that you hear about and meet the type of woman you can only hope to be one day. They are strong, kind, caring, leaders, and everything in between. I know the ladies I have met through Gamma Phi will continue to be a part of my life not only for the rest of my time at Texas A&M but into my future endeavors. This is truly what a sisterhood is and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

I would like to leave you all of a picture taken this past bid day as we welcomed over sixty new members to our chapter. I feel that it demonstrates our sisterhood to a t. After weeks and weeks of working eight hours day in order to make our recruitment perfect we could celebrate. All of the ladies in this picture are my sisters; they are genuine, down to earth, and woman I fit in with. There is no other place I would love to spend my time here at Texas A&M.



Quick Update

Hello all!

Its been a crazy week thus far and will become even more chaotic until the coming Friday which is the day of our HUGE philanthropy event called Crescent Classic. I’ll fill you guys in more with that later. 

This week has already been filled with my usual stress between balancing Gphi life with school life. I’ve had SI sessions or tutoring almost every night this week but have still made it to our chapter meeting and breakaway with a few sisters. 

Posts coming up soon include my take on sisterhood and CRESCENT CLASSIC! :) 

See you soon,


Benefits of Joining A Sorority

I’ve already told you guys why I decided to join a sorority but now I want to tell you all about all the great things that becoming a sister can do.

  • 200 new best friends before the first day of school
  • Sisterhood
  • Philanthropic experience
  • Volunteer experience (looks great for your resume)
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Study buddies
  • Friends for years to come after college

These are only a few of the things I have found in Gamma Phi Beta in the year I have joined and only expect the list to grow even more as the years go by. As cliche as most of these bullets seem they are utterly true and only benefit my future in the professional world. According to David Stollman, co-founder of CAMPUSSPEAK who was interviewed by USA Today Educate explains that becoming a member of any type greek organization helps “students improve their leadership and interpersonal skills” and sees “that there’s a great correlation between those skills being developed and the ability to be successful in any endeavor,” he said. “Not necessarily just famous-successful, like a president or CEO, but successful as a community leader or as a small business owner.” All of this is true, we learn to work as a team be it during recruitment or a simple meeting, in the end we always learning new skills. 

Nicole Glass of USA Today Educate writes that “students who join Greek organizations to build a network, make friends and develop leadership and social skills will likely graduate with useful qualities that could take them far.” I already know so many ladies that have graduated just this last year who have powerful connections through their jobs and some have even extended internship opportunities to current members. 

As stated before, these are just a few of the many benefits of going greek and make me confident in the type of woman Gamma Phi Beta has began to mold for the future. 

Thanks and Gig’em,


Gig’em Aggies!

Woah woah woah! Did you guys watch the football game last night? Johnny Football did it again and pulled in a win for our aggies. Not only did we end the night with a W in the books but I spent some great time with friends and sisters. 

The day started with me finally getting to sleep in past 9 am for the first time in about two weeks. It was great let me tell ya. It can’t be denied, but most of the day was spent in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy of Netflix because it was a day to be lazy and it was awesome. After scrunching up the effort I made it out dinner at Caffe Capri in Bryan for the very first time. I went with two other great friends and let me tell you… the food was amazing plus the wait was super short because it was a game night, right up my alley.

After dinner we decided to go watch Gravity, a new Sandra Bullock movie as she plays an astronaut stuck in outer space. I’ve heard so many great things about this movie and it was nothing short. I was on the edge of my seat the night wondering what could wrong next and if she would ever make it back to earth safe and sound. But do you want to know what the most interesting part of the night was? The fact that when the movie started the aggies were winning by two touchdowns and the moment the movie ended I checked the score and we were LOSING! How could this happen?! Being the great ags we are I was swiftly dropped off at home just in time to finish the game with my Gamma Phi sistas. Unfortunately this house was quite empty because of the away game but it was still quite the night. Hopefully you all watched the game because it was a close one that was finalized by a 3 second field goal to win the game!

What came next is one of my favorite reasons for living in the sorority house, MATTRESS SLIDING! Mattress sliding is the art of taking one of our twin bed sized mattress and sliding down our staircase. So. Much. Fun. 

Living in our sorority is such a great experience. It has helped me become closer to so many of the girls that I wasn’t as familiar with before. I’ve always been friends with everyone in my pledge class but living in the house lets me hang out in our rooms, eat meals together, study, and just plain hang out together. Its something that I feel every girl in a sorority should do. By being in the house, Gamma Phi is all consuming and makes me want to help do little things in my spare time like help set up meetings or volunteer to help work on our philanthropy coming up next Friday. Sisterhood is becoming a reality this year unlike last year when I was still unsure of my place in this organization but now I truly identify myself as a Gamma Phi Beta with great sisters who I can’t imagine living without.  


Howdy hi howdy hey!

Sorry for my absence but the past few days have been a whirlwind and have left me with little time for anything but that thing called school. I had a project due on Thursday AND Friday which meant my nights since our date party have been spent at the library unfortunately. Not to upset you guys too much but guess what tonight is? Its a night full of friends and some fightin’ Texas Aggie football. I’m planning on meeting up with some girls for dinner, a movie, and ending the night back at the sorority house for a mini watch party. 



A Night On The Lake

Long time no see!

One of the funnest aspects about a sorority are all the social opportunities we are given. These include socials, mixers, crush parties, formal, and more importantly the date party last night. Wednesday is somewhat of a random night to have a party but hey it was great study break! Many girls from the chapter and their dates all drove down to a quaint restaurant on Lake Bryan where we enjoyed dinner and some awesome music all while watching this beautiful sunset. 

Surprisingly this was my very first date party to attend being that I have absolutely no tests this week unlike the previous year. I was a little unsure what to expect and especially nervous about what to wear but it all came together for an extremely fun night. 

Its nights like these that make me so happy to be a part of the organization I am. I was pretty unsure of how many people would actually come to the party just because it was smack dab in the middle of a school week but everyone prevailed and it was awesome. Seeing how excited and dressed up everyone was just made so proud to call all these lovely ladies my sisters and know that they are just as dedicated to Gamma Phi as I am. 

Enough gushing about Gamma Phi for now, I have to study :(

- Madison 


Howdy! My name is Madison Seidel, and I’m a sophomore business major from Giddings, Texas, but more importantly I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2016! A-A-A-A-A!!!!

Now that I’ve got the traditional fightin’ texas aggie behind us I’d like to say hello and welcome to ever so interesting day of an aggie Gamma Phi. This past month has marked the milestone of my very first year of being an officially initiated member of this sorority. What a year its been! My hopes for this blog is for you, the reader, to understand a little bit about why I joined and a sorority and what it has and keeps doing for me on a daily basis. This of course cannot be accomplished without giving you all an insider look at what its really like to be a part of a sorority. 

"Why did you decide to join a sorority?" is probably the most asked question by my family and peers. Coming from a decently small town with little to no greek background it is still a surprise from many to hear that I decided to go the route that I did. Heres my answer. From the earliest times I could remember I’ve always been apart of a team, it could be a sports team to the team of officer in a club. So much of my life has been spent with my schoolmates working together as team and accomplishing something, a security blanket. This is something that I have always loved and was completely scared of losing once I decided to attend Texas A&M University, a school of over 50,000 students with barely ten people from my graduating class following in my steps. The summer months between graduation and moving to College Station were spent lobbying different ideas as to how I could solve the problem of finding my niche. Which clubs should I try and join, a FLO maybe, even a club sport perhaps? All were viable options except the fact that greek life continued to stand out to me in ways that the others didn’t. Something you should know about me is that my family has had only one other member go greek and she is person who inspired to move forward with my decision and I’m so glad she did. Through stories and friendships I learned how great opportunity could be for me and how much I could truly gain by becoming a woman of a greek organization. After talking to her I decided to sign up for formal recruitment and within a month I officially became of member of Gamma Phi Beta! Through the next few days I will explain to you all more as to why I chose this particular sorority along with some other fun details about my amazing group of woman!

Check out bid day last year!

I love you all to the moon and back,